Equipe Bombas designs, develops and supplies dependable, proven solutions for the following industrial fields

Mining and Steel Industry

Efficiency and sturdiness for pumping liquids with solid airborne particles, with little or high concentration, in environs with heavy abrasion and/or corrosion, like sand, stones, coal, iron ore, ashes and rejects

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Broad portfolio of pumps designed to fulfill the strictest requirements of hydraulic coverage, prepared to work with all kinds of liquids

Petrochemical Industry

High performance pieces of equipment designed to operate in steam-generating systems and in several industrial segments, where the transportation of high-pressure, extreme-condition liquids is required

Industrial Pumps

High pressure bomb

Team’s high pressure equipment is specially designed to pump clean liquids into boiler feed systems under heavy duty conditions.

Centrifugal pump

Equipe pumps offer wide hydraulic coverage, efficiency, robustness and operational stability. They are used in all applications of clean or slightly cloudy liquids, aggressive, low viscosity, hot, corrosive, among others.

Open Rotor Centrifuge

Horizontal execution, single-stage, has horizontal axial suction and discharge with housing mounting options: central vertical facing up, horizontal to the right (HD) or horizontal to the left (HE).

Vertical Centrifuge

Application: Chemical and petrochemical industries, textiles, paper and cellulose, food, shipbuilding, sugar and alcohol plants, refineries, pharmaceutical industries, and utilities in general.

Split Pump

Horizontal, single-cell construction, double suction with axially split housing, double suction radial closed impeller. The resulting axial forces on the rotor are hydraulically self-balanced and the body allows disassembly without the need to remove the pipes.

Medium Pressure Pump

The BAP-A series centrifugal pumps have specific applications in low flow systems up to 75 m³/h and pressure 28 Kgf/cm² (g) (~ 28 Bar(g)).

Positive Displacement

Equipe Positive Displacement pumps are specific for the displacement of heavy and viscous liquids, free from pulsations and minimal impact on the fluid.

Axial Pump

Specially designed and built for the displacement of clean or slightly impure liquids in large volumes and low pressures, organic and inorganic, water and oil

Slurry Pump

Recommended for pumping liquids with solid particles in suspension with small or large concentration, in environments of great abrasion and/or corrosion, such as: sand, stones, coal, iron ore, ash and tailings.

Irrigation Pump

Developed and designed for irrigation stations in Hydro-Roll or Central Pivot systems.

24h Technical Assistance

It has qualified professionals with extensive market experience and offers specialized services, including:

  • Qualification and training: selection, application, “in company” operation courses, with audiovisual resources and teaching materials;
  • Commissioning and start-up of equipment: installation, assembly supervision;
  • Upgrade and retrofit;
  • Emergency maintenance on special pumps;
  • Predictive maintenance planning and execution;
  • Optimization of internal maintenance and/or technical assistance contracts;
  • Spare parts contract in stock.

Equipe products follow strict quality control at all stages of manufacture.

A Equipe Bombas Possui profissionais qualificados com ampla experiência de mercado e disponibiliza serviços especializados.