Axial Pump

Axial Pump Especially developed and built for the displacement of clean or slightly impure liquids in high volumes and low pressures, organic and inorganic, waters and oils, etc. Horizontal or vertical assembly, tubular body, axial impeller with multiple adjustable pads. Cylindrical body in carbon steel or cast iron, the other components are compatible with the fluid being pumped. Grease-lubricated.


[email protected] 55 (19) 3417-4848 Areas of usage::

  • Sugar and alcohol plants
  • Aspersion, Drainage
  • Processing Industries
  • Among other applications


EQV Axial Pump

Impellers: Axial Pressure: up to 1,2 Kgf/cm² (g) Flow: up to 8000 m³/h Temperature: up to 80 °C Revolutions: up to 1150 rpm