Energy-efficient pumps for supplying the gargantuan Brazilian agribusiness.

We supply pumps for catering fertigation systems, with horizontal construction, single cell and in a broad spectrum of materials.

With over 50 years in the market and recognized by trust, Equipe Bombas offers its clients specialized engineering solutions for each application, using high-tech pumps.

We ensure maximum reliability and energy efficiency for each application. Equipe has been continuously projecting, designing, and manufacturing the most innovative solutions in the market. The result boasts perfect solutions, specific for the client’s needs.

Main applications

Irrigation thru inundation

EQUIPE has a full line of high flow pumps for usage in irrigation thru inundation. The pieces of equipment present high hydraulic yield, high quality materials and enhanced mechanics, translating into sturdiness and ease of maintenance.

Main Applications:

  • Irrigation thru inundation
  • Irrigation by Aspersion

Irrigation by Aspersion

Volumetric capacities and pressures for feeding up to two “hidro roll reels” simultaneously. Thus, rural producers have increased efficiency in the operation, covering larger areas and reducing operational costs.

We offer several models and assembly setups, with a broad hydraulic range, for meeting all the needs in the field and general industry.

Extraction, Flow Control and Water Transportation

Climate changes is one of the main challenges to the prevention of natural disasters. We have the fittest pumps for emergency operations: Floods and/or Inundation.

Overview of operations covered by Equipe pumps:

Floods and/or Inundation management and control
Water extraction from seas, rivers, lakes, and dams


Appliances used in irrigation and drainage systems, industrial effluents, sewers, industrial systems, transportation of clean or slightly turbid liquids. They showcase versions with open or closed impellers, balance fixed. Available in several sizes and different combination of materials.

With single-stage horizontal or vertical execution and radially bipartite box, closed or open impeller, simple horizontal or vertical suction and upwards discharge. ANSI B-73.1 construction (back pull out). They offer assembly options with discharge flange in the positions horizontal to right (HD) or horizontal to left (HE) and/or asynchronous in 90° angles.

Box and cover provided with double wearing rings.

Rotation system to the right (clockwise), seen from drive. Execution using standardized materials: grey cast iron, nodular cast iron or WCB steel. Standard drive through electrical motors.

DIN-standard flanges.

The axle seal is normally done using conventional gaskets or mechanical seals. Provided with hydraulic lantern ring with lubrication performed by the liquid being pumped. Axle protected by a replaceable wear sleeve.

Centrifugal Pump

Equipe’s pumps offer a broad hydraulic coverage, efficiency, toughness and working stability. They are used in all applications with clean or slightly turbid, aggressive, low-viscosity, hot, corrosive liquids, among others.

Irrigation pump

Pumps for irrigation stations in Hydro-Roll or Pivot Central systems

Irrigation and Drainage

Equipment used in irrigation and drainage systems, industrial effluents, sewage, industrial systems, for the transportation of clean or slightly turbid liquids. They exhibit versions with open or closed impellers, anchored in balance.