Petrochemical Companies, Refineries, Oil Pipelines and Thermal Power Plants

High-performance equipment, developed for vapor-generating systems, operating in the harshest conditions, making possible its use in the most diverse industrial segments where the transportation and transference of liquids under high pressure are demanded.

They are broadly used in chemical and petrochemical companies, refineries, oil pipelines, thermal power plants, scouring systems, sugar and alcohol plants.

For more detailed information, contact our engineers, who can provide full counseling for planning the hydraulic facilities and the correct choice of equipment.

Main Applications

  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Refineries, Paper and Cellulose
  • Industry in General
  • Effluents and Wastewater
  • Boiler Feeding, among others.
Main applications

Petrochemical Companies, Refineries, Oil Pipelines and Thermal Power Plants

Equipe Bombas ensures reliability, safety and performance of its equipment in high-temperature fluids and in high-pressure activities.

Sugar and Alcohol plants, Paper and cellulose, Food and beverage, oil and gas industries, chemical processes and other branches use our equipment.

Irrigation, collection, transportation and water and effluents

Extraction and Transportation of Water

Equipe Bombas has the most reliable equipment in the market for water discharge systems in boiler feeding, desuperheaters, among other applications for the general industry.

Overview of applications engulfed by Equipe Bombas:

  • Thermal power plants and cogeneration systems
  • Extraction of water for supply
  • Extraction of water from dams and lakes
  • Management in fire-prevention systems
  • Management in scouring systems
  • Industrial clean water

High-pressure Pumps

Equipe’s high-pressure equipment is especially designed for pumping clean liquids in intense-work boiler-feeding systems.

Centrifugal Pump

Equipe’s pumps offer a broad hydraulic coverage, efficiency, toughness and working stability. They are used in all applications with clean or slightly turbid, aggressive, low-viscosity, hot, corrosive liquids, among others.

Open Impeller Centrifugal Pump

Horizontally assembled, single-stage pump, shows horizontal axil suction and discharge, with several volute options: central, vertical upwards, horizontal to the right (HD) or horizontal to the left (HE).

Vertical Centrifugal Pump

Usage: chemical and petrochemical, textile, paper and cellulose, food, naval industries, sugar and alcohol mills, refineries, pharmaceutical and general utility industries.

Medium Pressure Pump

The BAP-A-series centrifugal pumps have specific applications in low-flow systems, up to 75 m³/h and pressure of 28 Kgf/sq cm (g) (~ 28 Bar (g)).

Positive Displacement

The Equipe Positive Displacement Pumps are specific for the displacement of heavy and viscous liquids, pulsing-free and minimum impact over the fluid.

Split-casing Pump

Single-cell, double-suction, horizontal construction with axially split casing, double-suction closed radial impeller. The resulting axial forces on the impeller are hydraulically self-balanced and the body allows disassembly without having to remove the pipelines.

Axial Pump

Specially developed and manufactured for the displacement of clean or slightly impure liquids, presenting high volumes and low pressures, organic and inorganic, waters and oils.

Pulp Pump

Recommended for pumping liquids with suspended solids in low or high concentration, in environs with high abrasion and/or corrosion, like sand, stones, coal, iron ore, ashes and rejects.

Irrigation pump

Developed and projected for irrigation stations in Hidro-Roll or Pivot Central systems.

Irrigation and Drainage

Equipment used in irrigation and drainage systems, industrial effluents, sewage, industrial systems, for the transportation of clean or slightly turbid liquids. They showcase versions with open or closed impellers, balance fixed.