Pulp Pump

Recommended for pumping liquids with suspended solids in low or high concentration, in environs with high abrasion and/or corrosion, like sand, stones, coal, iron ore, ashes and rejects.

Standardized construction, uses interchangeable modular elements for the several sizes, reducing the inventory of spare parts to a minimum.

Different combinations of materials in metal alloys and/or elastomers allow its usage in the most varied demands.

Unicellular horizontal construction with radially split casing, closed or open impeller, with external pads for compensating the axial thrust and a broad free passage.

They have horizontal suction and vertical discharge.

Practical and modular construction with removable bearing support.



55 (19) 3417-4848

Areas of usage:

  • Mining
  • Steelworks
  • Chemical industries
  • Petrochemical companies
  • Thermal generation
  • Quarries
  • Sugar and alcohol
  • Sewage
  • Process industries
  • Fertilizers
Bearings projected for absorbing high dynamic loads.

They allow assemblies with alternate positions of the discharge flange, rotated in 45°.

Grease-lubricated bearings.

Impeller projected with a broad free passage, having external pads that prevent fluid recirculation and reduce pressure onto the stuffing box (sealing).



Impellers: Open or closed
Pressure: up to 11 Kgf/sq cm (g)
Flow: up to 3500 m³/h
Temperature: up to 110°C
Revolutions: up to 3200 rpm


Impellers: Open or Closed
Pressure: up to 11 Kgf/sq cm (g)
Flow:up to 3500 m³/h
Temperature: up to 105°C
Revolutions: up to 1750 rpm