Sugar and Alcohol Plants

With over 50 years in the market, recognized by the confidence in its products, Equipe Bombas is constantly offering highly specialized solutions to its clients when transporting different types of liquids, having at its core to supply the sugar-energy industry, always employing state-of-the-art technology in its list of equipment.

Main Applications:

  • Soaking and transportation of juice with bagasse
  • Boiler feeding, Sugar mass or Magma
  • Clean liquids transportation
  • Irrigation, Sludge pumping
  • Washing of gases and Wastewater

Equipe Bombas offers solutions for:

Pumping Magma or Sugar Mass


Equipment specially developed and built for the transport of highly viscous liquids, make the BMA and BMAR lines highly robust and durable products.

Soaking and Transportation of Broth with Bagasse


Development of our own products with high technology, hydraulic efficiency and tradition in pressing down fibrous liquids, make the BCM line the ideal choice for transporting concentrated solutions, where a wide passage of solids is required.



Robust equipment provides reliable fluid transport for the Irrigation sector. Volumetric capacities and varied pressures ensure reduced operating costs and efficiency in “Hydro Roll” sprinkler systems.

Boiler Feed


Engineered high pressure pumps provide mechanical reliability and excellent hydraulic performance.

Residual water


Appropriate pumps for pumping dirty and dense liquids, play a fundamental role in industrial processes in general, providing durability, reduced maintenance costs and energy efficiency.