Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

With over 50 years in the market and proven by its confidence, Equipe Bombas offers its clients specialized solutions for applications in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical sector, using high-tech pumps. Equipe pumps ensure maximum reliability and energy efficiency. Equipe is always making efforts to design, develop and produce the most innovative solutions. The result: solutions ready to meet the client’s needs and that reduce the operational costs.

Main Applications

Pumping Effluents for the Industry in General

Collection and Transportation of water for the industry Equipe pumps play a particularly important role in the industrial processes of a sugar and alcohol plant, supplying efficient solutions for water collection and transportation.

Areas of usage:

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and beverages
  • Sugar plants
  • Oil
  • Paper and cellulose

They accommodate the control for both the collection and the transportation of water for the industry in general.

Pumping Magma and Cooked Mass

Sugar and Alcohol Plant

Besides the diversity of materials, the broad portfolio of products ensures the highest level of efficiency in the market. We also offer the most efficient solutions for pumps in industrial effluents and residual liquids.

Our pumps are developed and projected for working the most critical applications for the food, sugar, biofuels, and beverages sector.

Overview of uses covered by Equipe pumps:

  • Management and control of floods
  • Extraction of water from lakes, dams, rivers, and seas mares
  • Extraction of water from wells and discharge tubes

High pressure bomb

Team’s high pressure equipment is specially designed to pump clean liquids into boiler feed systems under heavy duty conditions.

Bomba Centrífuga

Equipe pumps offer wide hydraulic coverage, efficiency, robustness and operational stability. They are used in all applications of clean or slightly cloudy liquids, aggressive, low viscosity, hot, corrosive, among others.

Open Rotor Centrifuge

Horizontal execution, single-stage, has horizontal axial suction and discharge with housing mounting options: central vertical facing up, horizontal right (HD) or horizontal left (HE).

Vertical Centrifuge

Application: Chemical and petrochemical industries, textiles, paper and cellulose, food, shipbuilding, sugar and alcohol plants, refineries, pharmaceutical industries, and utilities in general.

Medium Pressure Pump

The BAP-A series centrifugal pumps have specific applications in low flow systems up to 75 m³/h and pressure 28 Kgf/cm² (g) (~ 28 Bar(g)).

Deslocamento Positivo

Equipe Positive Displacement pumps are specific for the displacement of heavy and viscous liquids, free from pulsations and minimal impact on the fluid.