Medium Pressure

The BAP-A-series centrifugal pumps have specific applications in low-flow systems, up to 75 m³/h and pressure of 28 Kgf/sq cm (g) (~ 28 Bar (g)).

Nominal revolution of 3500 rpm and working temperature of up to 150°C (~ 300°F).

Horizontal assembly with spiraled housing, closed radial impeller. It presents assemblies with 1, 2 or 3 stages. Horizontal axial suction and radial discharge with centralized vertical direction.

The suction and discharge flanges are housed in the cover and volute, meeting DIN standards.

It has components fully projected and designed for the discharge of clean or slightly turbid liquids, with low impurity content, low viscosity, hot, corrosive, caustic liquids, acid, or alkaline solutions.

Flexible coupling with or without spacer.


55 (19) 3417-4848

Areas of usage:

  • Supply in buildings and small steam boilers feeding systems
  • Discharge of condensed water in sugar and alcohol plants
  • Paper and Cellulose in the most varied industrial applications


BAP-A Medium Pressure Pump

Rotores: Radial fechado até 3 estágios
Pressão: Até 28 Kgf/cm² (g)
Vazão: Até 75 m³/h
Temperature: up to 150°C
Revolutions: up to 3500 rpm