Irrigation pump Developed and projected for irrigation stations in Hidro-Roll or Pivot Centralsystems.

Different combinations of materials allow their use for the most varied applications, providing a broad hydraulic cover, efficiency, sturdiness and working stability.

Construcción horizontal de una etapa, con carcasa en espiral, rotor radial cerrado provisto de anillos de desgaste.

Flange de sucção axial e recalque vertical para cima e os pés de apoio da carcaça estão dispostos na linha de centro do eixo. Las presiones y tensiones provenientes de las tuberías son transmitidas por los pies de la bomba a la base de apoyo.

Standard drive through electrical motors.

Rotation system to the right (clockwise), seen from drive.

Execution using standardized materials: grey cast iron, nodular cast iron or WCB steel.

The axle seal is normally done using conventional gaskets or mechanical seals.


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Areas of usage:

  • Agribusiness Industries
  • Livestock



Impellers: Radial, one-stage, closed
Pressure: up to 8Kgf/cm² (g)
Flow: up to 600 m³/h
Temperature: up to 150°C
Revolutions: Up to1800 rpm


Impellers: Radial, closed
Pressure: Up to17,5 Kgf/cm² (g)
Flow: up to 4000 m³/h
Temperature: up to 130°C
Revolutions: Up to1800 rpm


Impellers: Radial, closed
Pressure: Up to17 Kgf/cm² (g)
Flow: Up to1000 m³/h
Temperature: Up to120 ° C
Revolutions: Up to1800 rpm


Impellers: Radial, closed
Pressure: Up to12 Kgf/cm² (g)
Flow: up to 1800 m³/h
Temperature: up to 120°C
Revolutions: Up to1800 rpm

Hydraulic Efficiency and Robustness Irrigation Pumps